Technology Investing

One would think that investing in technology is something easy, or hard, depending on who you ask. From our perspective, having already advised technology companies for more than a year, and having been a part of at least two technology start-ups, we can say that we absolutely love it!

Now, the question we are asking ourselves is, with the current revolution on the cloud where costs have gone down so dramatically on being able to start a technology company, what will the future look like? We would like to ask our audience, what they think. Is mobile the future? Will PCs be eliminated? How can we keep up with this revolution and be part of it?

At REOF Capital LLC we want to be a part of this revolution. This is why we decided a year ago that we would shift our focus from real estate, distressed investment and fixed income research and move into the technology space.

Leadership is all about rallying people around a purpose. So in our case, we have had to rally our amazing team at REOF Capital LLC and our past, present and future clients into only one direction: technology.

This also means that our small investment practice now needs to reposition itself from real estate and into technology. How have we done this? Well, simple. We decided that the best way to get to know an industry is to work as much as you can in that industry, but with an absolute and relentless focus on perfection and hard work.

It also means that we must become ourselves, almost, a technology company in our way of being and our way of life, so that our customers and future portfolio companies feel and see that we understand them completely and that we are, indeed, one of them. We are convinced, deep down in our entrepreneurial hearts, that this is the right direction for us. We are not entirely sure, what the future holds for us, but we know that we are moving in the right direction.

That is why, recently, we embarked on the creation of a new investment vehicle so that we can - together with other colleagues from the local investment community, technology start-ups and mid-market companies- build a more robust technology investing ecosystem at the regional level and support linkages with other countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and other US States in our region. We even argue that from the get go it is critical to have global linkages to other regions, including Europe, Israel, India, China and the Middle East! We are loving it!

At REOF Capital LLC, we hope that if you are interested in joining this regional tech investing ecosystem revolution you join us in this quest.

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